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Balkans in Europe TV Debates – 5th and 6th episode shooting in the EU Parliament

BRUSSELS - The shooting of the fifth and the sixth episode of the second season of Balkans in Europe TV Debates for 2016, was realised in the studio Agora of the European Parliament on April 20, 2016 in Brussels.

The fifth episode was focused on the subject  “Russia in the Balkans: How should the EU respond?” with the guests in the studio –Francisco de Borja Lasheras (European Council on Foreign Relations, Spain) and Andrej Plenkovic (Member of the European Parliament).

The “The Role of Turkey in the Western Balkans: A Challenge or an Opportunity for the European Union?” was the main topic for the discussion in the sixth episode, having Amanda Paul (European Policy Centre, Belgium), Elmar Brok (Member of the European Parliament) and Tonino Picula (Member of the European Parliament) as speakers.

The premiere of the fifth is scheduled for this Friday, April 22th, on the Regional N1 TV Station at 21.00, and the sixth will be broadcasted next Friday at the same time slot.